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The Axis of Good ! SEAWON Meditech
In November 2008, Seawon Meditech Co.,Ltd. was founded to utilize the expertise from the medical industry where the key founders of our company had been dedicatedfor over the past ten years.

Since Its establishment
There have been three main values under the best wishes to be the axis of the health life for our customers, employees and business collaborative companies. One is to be “an excellent company” another is to be “a reliable company” and the other is to be “a fast-growing company.”


To be “an excellent company”
ll of staff in company are alwaystrying to be Excellent* in terms of customer satisfaction & innovative product quality wises.

To be “a reliable company”
We are always trying to put our tasks into action and we do love one another.

To be “a fast-growing company“
We are trying not to say “what we have done is enough” but to say “what can we do more than what we have already done”

It would be our honor to have you as a part of us to realize all the mentioned three values.