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[News] Demonstrate excellence in domestic medical devices at CMEF exhibition.

2017-10-11 17:36

Among the CMEF, 64 medical appliances excellence rehabilitation network. Domestic medical devices proved to be superior in China's largest medical devices and reaffirmed its output in China.▲ Korean medical device company participated in 'CMEF Spring 2016' in China from 17th to 20th and announced the excellence of domestic equipment.

60 medical equipment companies in Korea achieved great results in 'Spring 2016', China Medical Equipment Expo · CMEF, held from 17th to 20th in China.The CMEF, with a size of 190,000 square meters, involved 4000 people. (Except APICHINA-PHARMCHINA-PHARMCHINA-PHARMACEUTICAL EXHIBITION EXHIBITION)Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Singapore and India.

Korea Medical Device Company dispatched a dispatched member to Kangwon-Chungbuk Clusters Co. from Korea Hospital and Original Medical Device Technology Center in Korea Medical Device Cooperative.376 companies including Sewon Meditech, Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd., and GMS participated, resulting in total sales of USD1.36 million.