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[News] Launched 'Hi-Neck', a neck disk traction medical device

2017-10-11 17:34
Neck disk releasing traction medical device

Sewon Meditech Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Chang-Yong ㆍ has released 'Hi-Neck', a neck disk traction medical device. Recently, computer and smart phone use for a long time, neck, disk, as well as neck, turtle neck and neck pain is increasingly appealing to people.The neck bone (cervical vertebrae) is the passage through which the spinal cord, the central nervous system responsible for body motion, sensation, and autonomic nerves, passes through. The high neck developed by Sewon Meditech is a product that enables busy modern people to easily and easily relieve neck pain and treat and prevent disc at home. It is designed in a leaner language and pulls the neck in a correct and correct posture. High neck is just about 30 minutes of sleeping product, even if the neck pain is further reduced. It can be used not only for the cervical disc herniation, but also for irritation of the neck and regression of the cervical vertebrae.

Sewon Meditech specializes in the manufacture of cervical spine surgery devices, and has developed ergonomically designed high neck products for many years by studying the cervical vertebrae and vertebral horns through the hospital network.High-neck has obtained domestic patents, and has been recognized as a recipient of food by manual traction traction device.