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[News] Participated in 'MEGA SHOW 2014 Season II (Mega Show Season 2')

2017-10-11 17:35
Sewon Meditech (CEO Kim Chang-yong, participated in 'MEGA SHOW 2014 Season II (Mega Show Season 2)' held in KINTEX, Ilsan for 4 days from Thursday, Neck disk traction medical device 'Hi-Neck'.The Hi-Neck is a hand-held orthodontic traction device that can pull the neck for therapeutic purposes, such as a neck disk. The Hi-Neck is a medical device that helps the disc recover its weight by reducing the weight and pressure of the disc.The Hi-Neck is capable of effective traction in a lag-sized system, even if it is just lying down, and it can also reduce tㅜhe risk of disc prolapse with a 30-minute investment every day.

Meanwhile, 'Mega Show Season 2', which is held under the theme of 'Everything Housewife dreams of living, kitchen, and daily necessities', 300 participants from 5 fields such as living, kitchen, food, beauty & It will be held on a booth scale.Participating companies are expected to enjoy a variety of marketing effects such as brand promotion, consumer response to new products, expansion of new distribution channels, and increased sales at the site.