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Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Kit

SW-PRP is a medical device which is made for collecting and separating PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) from blood. It is composed of a container, hose assembly and is able to use with centrifuge, 20ml syringe. SW-PRP has received Korea FDA approval in 2012 and CE mark approval in 2013. This approval allows us to market SW-PRP in both domestic & European market.

Product Features

Closed structure of one tubing system
Open system should be exposed to the air during all the process. In case the air in the treatment room is not controlled and within acceptable clean level, there may be the most possibility for the contamination of PRP. In case of our SW-PRP kit which is the closed system, although the air in the treat¬ment room is not in acceptable clean level, it may be still safe because of no open structure.

One step Process
It is one step process to inject the extracted blood from a patient to the device

Easy Extraction of the therapeutic PRP
SW-PRP does not require a syringe with needles thanks to two built-in path ways for extraction of PRP & Plasma