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ABMC Kit is designed for the harvest of autologous nucleated cells from the patient’s blood and its intended use is for regenerative medicine procedures.Our single use kit harnesses bone marrow stem cells from the patient which is reinjected back in concentration from to kick start the regenerative process. The whole procedure is autologous technology making it safe for patients of all ages.


  1. Closed Structure of One Tubing System
    SW-BMC kit which is the closed system, although the air in the treatment room is not in acceptable clean level, it may be still safe because of no open structure.
  2. One Step Simple Procedure
    No blood & No needle assembly required
  3. Easy Extraction
    Easy to collect bone marrow because Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle has a 5 aspiration hole.
  4. Quick Result
    Concentrates cells in less than 15 minutes at point-of-care
  5. Reduce Risk of Contamination
    The ABMC kit disposable design reduces the opportunity for contamination of the final product.


History of Metastatic Conditions like Cancer or Disease
(Hematopoietic cancer or cancer of the bone marrow)
Possibility of Infections in the Areas Targeted for PRP therapy
Systemic disease
Pregnancy or Breastfeeding
Anticoagulant Prescription Medications or Antiplatelet Therapy
Incidence of a Recent Fever or Illness
Incidence of Smoking or Drinking
Corticosteroid Injections and NSAIDS
History of Severe Liver Disease
Critical Thrombocytopenia
Regular nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use within 48 hours
Severe Anemia