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SEEONE VIEW is a micro-endoscope system with 160K high-definition camera, working channel and optical fiber for LED light.
It provides real-time images using the high-definition camera by delivering light supplied from light source through optical fiber. Therefore, the largest benefit of SEEONE VIEW is that users can directly check the region of lesion and make a precise diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, drugs can be injected through the working channel.



• High-Resolution
– High Resolution Camera
The high-resolution enables precise diagnosis and surgical operation, with more rapid access to lesions and reducing surgery time

• Safe
– Minimally invasive
Minimum incision to reduce pain and recovery time.
– Accurate treatment with visualization and illumination
Provides superior images enabling more safe operation.

• Easy
Easy-to-use program
It uses a dedicated program
Easy-to-use ergonomic design
Ergonomic handle design easy to use
View device for illumination intensity control
Convenient for users to directly adjust illumination intensity on the view.

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