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RF Disc Decompression
ABRO has received Korea FDA approval in 2014.
The best candidate for this procedure is one who suffers from a contained disc herniation that has not showed improvement from conservative treatment. Typical signs of a contained disc herniation are primary pain radiating down the leg or arm accompanied by some back or neck pain. RF Disc Decompression is not useful for degenerative disc disease or spinal fractures.

Product Features
RF Ablation
Treat multiple spine levels
Rapid recovery time

Benefits of RF Disc Decompression

• Minimally invasive
– Anesthesia requirements are minimal
– Elimination of complications that may result from open surgery

• Outpatient procedure
– No overnight hospitalization required
– Lasts from 1-2 hours

• Rapid recovery time
– Patients go home the same day of treatment

• Quick symptom relief within two weeks for most patients

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